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private/semi-private lessons
on-site group classes
custom workshops & programs


these offerings are conducted at your home, school, event or place of work and are appropriate for individuals, friends, sports teams, schools, sororities, women’s groups or companies who are looking for a customizable, life-affirming yoga experience that enhances mind, body & soul. CALM offers everything from 1-day classes to multi-day workshops for all group sizes. we are happy to tailor our offerings to best meet your needs.

private lessons are $75/hour

if you pre-pay for 3 or more private lessons, the rate is $70/hour

for more info about CALM Yoga's offerings, fill out the form below.

also, visit cailen's FREE yoga channel for more transformational practices.

t a k e   c l a s s e s   w i t h
Hot Yoga @ The Solebury Club 6:45-8 pm
series of 26 poses done in a hot room (100 degrees). this class is way to detox the body. be sure to drink plenty of water before, during & after class! 

Vinyasa Yoga @ The Solebury Club 6-7 am
this early-bird flow class offers invigorating sequences that will get you ready for your day.  there's no better way to start your morning!

FREE yoga online - check out cailen's FREE yoga channel on youtube.  her transformational practices will leave you feeling strong, rejuvenated and empowered.  click {here} to begin your mind, body & soul yoga transformation.


  1. Great Content, thanks very much for sharing…I also wanted to say that I very much agree, there are very few real ‘proper’ yoga teachers, who embody and teach the spiritual-mental-body all together…most take it and teach it as a fitness class.

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