September 2012
Why Yogis Need Resumes - Elephant Journal

August 2012
Five Yoga Poses to Boost Your Mood - Fit Bottomed Girls
Summer Mixology 101 - Bucks Life Magazine

May 2012
Savor the Great Outdoors - Bucks Life Magazine

April 2012
Master the Art of Entertaining - Bucks Life Magazine

February 2012
Can Money & Spirituality Mix - Elephant Journal (by Sadie Nardini with a shout-out to Lifestyle Maven!)

January 2012
Food as a Family Heirloom - Bucks Life Magazine

November 2011
Charcuterie Party - Bucks Life Magazine
A Focus on Women's Health: Getting Back to Basics - D-Town Magazine

October 2011
Keeping Your Torso in Tip-Top Shape - D-Town Magazine
The Hierarchy of Local, Organic & Whole Foods - Bella Life

September 2011
Food on the Farm - New Jersey Life Health & Beauty
Bleu Cheese & Caramelized Onion Crostini - Bucks Life Magazine
Taste of Fall - U Wish U Nu
Featured Blogger - Sits Girls

feature in bucks life magazine, fall 2011

August 2011
Weekend Trip to Peddler's Village - U Wish U Nu
Wine & Cheese Train Ride - U Wish U Nu
Summer in Review - Kinder Words
Fireworks - U Wish U Nu
Skinny Cocktails - U Wish U Nu

June 2011
Dreaming of Paris - Pocket Full of Chuckles

April 2011
A Day in the Life - Adventures in Love & Happiness
About Me - Buckhead Betty

March 2011
Five Favorites - Cornflake Dreams
Love is in the Details - Lovely Little Details

December 2010
Keep it Class-y - 100 Miles Highway

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