Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boost Self-Esteem Effortlessly : )

1. Be positive! Practice positive self-talk. So many of us list all our flaws the second we look in the mirror. Instead, make a conscious effort to practice positive (or at least neutral) self-talk. Recognize the blueness of your eyes, the beauty of your posture or the curl of your hair. Positive self-talk is key to a healthy relationship with your body.

2. Smile! Smiling is a wonderful way to improve your mood and feel better about yourself. So, when the blues are setting in, put a smile on your face and feel the effect ripple throughout your body.

3. Practice Yoga. Studies show that women who practice yoga regularly (at least 2-3 times per week) have much higher self-esteem and lower instances of eating disorders and mid-life weight gain than women who do not practice. So, grab your mat and say "Om" and revel in your new found mind-body connection.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Living Room Must-Haves

1. Great couch. A great couch anchors the seating arrangement in any living room. Opt for a piece that is streamlined and relatively neutral in color so that it can transition with the space over time. Add pops of color with accessories like pillows and lamp shades.

2. Eye-catching art. A statement art piece is a wonderful way to express your signature style. Hang an over sized work (or a collection of smaller "related" pieces) above the couch or fireplace as a focal piece. With art, always go with what you like - you're the one who has to live with it!

3. Functional tables. As for coffee/cocktail tables, I always recommend really thinking about how you use your space before you purchase. Do you want a comfortable foot rest? Perhaps go with a leather bench or ottoman. Do you need extra storage? Go with a table that has shelves or hidden interior storage. Need flexibility? A collection of small stools or cubes can be bunched together to work as a table or separated to use as extra seating.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Live Healthier Starting Today!

These simple tricks can leave you feeling happier and healthier starting today! And best of all, they're easy to incorporate into your current lifestyle : )

1. Stay hydrated. Especially in winter months, our skin can really take a beating. Be sure to drink around 5+ 8oz glasses of water daily to replenish lost moisture.

2. Use lotion with a built-in SPF of at least 15. Even in the winter, you have to think about protecting your skin from the sun - especially exposed areas like your face!

3. Move more! Think you don't have time to exercise? Start small! Park farther away from your destination and walk or opt for the stairs over the elevator. Small changes can have big results!

4. Get enough sleep. Try for 7-8 hrs/night. Lack of sleep leaves us irritable, tired and makes us prone to eat more!

5. SMILE : ) When the blues set-in, the best policy is "fake it til you make it". Put a smile on your face (or turn to your favorite youtube video or SNL sketch for help) and see how quickly you can turn that frown upside-down. Happiness is the key to health!

Hope these tips leave your happier and healthier in 2010! For more healthy living advice, drop-in on one of my Lifestyle Classes. For more info visit

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding the True You

Though all our lives take different courses, I've realized lately that we're all really searching for just one thing. The true essence of who we are. We long to understand what makes us "tick", and when we discover this elusive concept, we can begin to truly appreciate and be at peace with who we are. Lately, I've just begun to sense who I REALLY am - and I'm not talking about all the superficial "fluff" that people think they're made of (i.e. clothes, cars, careers, etc.). I'm talking about that deep-down, undeniable core of who you are.

How did I begin to "see" this inner me? One word. Yoga. Until the past few months, I never really "got" yoga. I thought is was a trendy fitness cliche for celebs and celeb wanna-bes. But, as I began to practice more frequently and do research on my own, I began to discover what yogis have known for centuries...Yoga opens you up and puts you in touch with your inner self. It clears your mind, opens your heart and challenges your body. It helps you to be present as you focus on your breath. Yoga sets you free (for a little while at least) from the trials and tribulations of daily life.

So, for me it is yoga. For you, it may be something else that helps you to see beyond all the outer layers that cover your true core. But whatever it is, it's worth looking for. Believe me.

Happy, healthy 2010!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


January 7th (today!!!) - Cailen will be speaking at the Flemington Shop Rite on Rte 31 at 7pm in the upstairs mezzanine about the important link between a healthy, happy life and a beautiful, organized home. The presentation is free and open to all. Shop Rite's registered dietitian will provide healthy, delicious snacks and information about nutrition.

January 12th - February 23rd - Cailen will be hosting lifestyle classes at her home studio in Stockton, NJ. Class topics will include healthy eating & recipes, vision board creation, goal setting, the importance of exercise and much, much more! Classes are held weekly on Tuesdays from 10am-11am. Visit for details.

Keep a look out!

March 2010 - Cailen will be at the Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC! She'll be giving free design consultations all weekend long. If you're in need of some design inspiration or curious about the latest trends, stop by the show!

May 2010 - Cailen Ascher Design's work will again be featured in the Bucks County Designer House. Cailen will be designing a large studio space and will be showcasing furniture from Orchard Hill Company in Lambertville, NJ where she is working as their in-house designer.

For more information, visit, email or call 908.581.8191.
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