Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finding the True You

Though all our lives take different courses, I've realized lately that we're all really searching for just one thing. The true essence of who we are. We long to understand what makes us "tick", and when we discover this elusive concept, we can begin to truly appreciate and be at peace with who we are. Lately, I've just begun to sense who I REALLY am - and I'm not talking about all the superficial "fluff" that people think they're made of (i.e. clothes, cars, careers, etc.). I'm talking about that deep-down, undeniable core of who you are.

How did I begin to "see" this inner me? One word. Yoga. Until the past few months, I never really "got" yoga. I thought is was a trendy fitness cliche for celebs and celeb wanna-bes. But, as I began to practice more frequently and do research on my own, I began to discover what yogis have known for centuries...Yoga opens you up and puts you in touch with your inner self. It clears your mind, opens your heart and challenges your body. It helps you to be present as you focus on your breath. Yoga sets you free (for a little while at least) from the trials and tribulations of daily life.

So, for me it is yoga. For you, it may be something else that helps you to see beyond all the outer layers that cover your true core. But whatever it is, it's worth looking for. Believe me.

Happy, healthy 2010!

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