Thursday, June 25, 2009

Excerpt from "Well-Designed Living"

I've been diligently working on my book and am hoping to start distributing it by August 2009. Below is an excerpt to give you an idea of what "Well-Designed Living" is all about...


Design is not an exact science. In order for a design to be truly successful, you have to listen to your gut, trust your instincts, and accentuate the best features.

This holds true whether you are designing your home, your wardrobe, or your lifestyle. It may seem like a strange concept to “design” your lifestyle, but it’s vital in creating the life you want and deserve.

Some people constantly feel that they are the victim of circumstances and that their life is out of their control. They feel trapped by their current reality, but our current reality is just that, current; it can start to change next month, next week, tomorrow, or even now as you read this book.

We are the primary players in the creation of our lifestyles. We sculpt and mold every element of our lives with both attention and neglect. The goal of this book is to help you create harmony in your life so that you feel fulfilled. Our bodies and our homes showcase what we hold dear, our priorities, and what we like and dislike. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these two pillars of our lives, for without stability and confidence in these areas, our lives feel imbalanced and stressful.

The act of design may come naturally to some, but is often daunting, and it is often helpful to turn to a professional, a designer, for guidance. Let this book be your lifestyle designer to help you create your best life…starting now. I strongly recommend keeping a journal throughout this process. It’s a great way to record your feelings, goals, motivations and improvements.

With the help of this book, you will learn the art of
Well-Designed Living:

The Self
How to love and listen to your body.
How to let your authentic inner voice be your guide and live intuitively.

The Home
How to make your home a reflection of the
life you want.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The measurements are in.........drum roll please.........I lost 1.25 inches off my waist and about an inch off each of my thighs. So, I guess things are working in a positive direction after all - what more can you ask for, right?!

Thanks, P90X! Here's to another great month!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

P90X Almost 30 days....

So it's been almost 30 days following the P90X workouts, and I have to say I really, really like them. They're challenging, fun and alternate enough that you're never bored (which is really important if you're going to stick it out for 90 days, right?). I haven't lost much weight - maybe a pound or two, but I'm definitely building muscle. My arms are firmer and my biceps and even triceps are more defined. Also, my stomach is getting flatter!

Though I wasn't in it to lose weight, I was still a bit confused (and slightly frustrated) that the scale hasn't really budged. I eat very healthy - lean proteins, lots of fruits and veggies - so it doesn't seem to add up. I'll guess we'll have to see what the inches say.... I'll be doing measurements this weekend, so I'll update with my changes in inches after that.

One thing is for certain - these workouts really kick your butt! They get you sweating and really push you. It's been a great way to rev up my routine.

If you want to see visible results, however, you definitely have to make sure you eat healthy, nutritious foods. For the first part, it's the "Fat Burning" phase. You eat low-fat, high-protein to help you shed any excess fat you have and build lots of muscle. I've used their nutrition guidelines as a reference and have created a similar diet that meets my needs, and as I said, I am noticing a bit more muscle definition already. Very cool!

Today is Kenpo X, part of my recovery week, which gives you a break from weight training. Looking forward to it!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lifestyle Classes

Reserve your place today in
Cailen Ascher Design's lifestyle class!

Session 1 - Wellness
(Aug 18th - Sept 22nd)
discuss nutrition plans . develop fitness regimens . identify your health goals . learn what motivates you .
discover how to live your best life!
Session 2 - Home
(Oct 6th - Nov 10th)
align your home & lifestyle . learn to simplify and refine . develop a sense of beauty & function . learn to trust your design style . get insider designer tips!
$150 per 6 week session - Only $25 per class!

Tuesday Morning 10am - 11am OR Tuesday Evening 7pm - 8pm

A non-refundable deposit of $25 is requested to hold your seat.

Call 908.581.8191 or email

Family Boot Camp

This summer I've created a "Family Boot Camp" to help my family stay motivated as they embark on a journey toward healthier lifestyles. My aunts, cousins, parents and sister are all on board! We've created a shutterfly website ( so that we can help one another stay on track.

We have weekly workouts, a healthy lunch date every other week to discuss our progress, and send emails and update the website daily to keep us all moving towards our goals. So far everyone seems to really be enjoying having a network to reach out to when they're in need of some motivation and inspiration.

Having a workout partner (or several for that matter) is a great way to keep you focused. You may not mind skipping out on exercise when you only have to justify it to yourself, but having to explain it to others is sometimes a different story. Letting family and friends know your goals holds you accountable. So, don't be afraid to share your goals and progress - it'll really help to keep you focused and on track!

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