Thursday, June 11, 2009

P90X Almost 30 days....

So it's been almost 30 days following the P90X workouts, and I have to say I really, really like them. They're challenging, fun and alternate enough that you're never bored (which is really important if you're going to stick it out for 90 days, right?). I haven't lost much weight - maybe a pound or two, but I'm definitely building muscle. My arms are firmer and my biceps and even triceps are more defined. Also, my stomach is getting flatter!

Though I wasn't in it to lose weight, I was still a bit confused (and slightly frustrated) that the scale hasn't really budged. I eat very healthy - lean proteins, lots of fruits and veggies - so it doesn't seem to add up. I'll guess we'll have to see what the inches say.... I'll be doing measurements this weekend, so I'll update with my changes in inches after that.

One thing is for certain - these workouts really kick your butt! They get you sweating and really push you. It's been a great way to rev up my routine.

If you want to see visible results, however, you definitely have to make sure you eat healthy, nutritious foods. For the first part, it's the "Fat Burning" phase. You eat low-fat, high-protein to help you shed any excess fat you have and build lots of muscle. I've used their nutrition guidelines as a reference and have created a similar diet that meets my needs, and as I said, I am noticing a bit more muscle definition already. Very cool!

Today is Kenpo X, part of my recovery week, which gives you a break from weight training. Looking forward to it!

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