my recipes

veg = vegetarian (contains dairy and/or eggs)
v = vegan
gf = gluten free

almond-flaxseed cereal (v, gf)
tofu-egg quiche (veg, gf)
banana nut bread (gf)
apple pie "granola" (gf)
egg strata (veg)
trail mix granola bars
ranch eggs (veg)
overnight oats (v, gf)
rosemary focaccia strata (veg)

chickpea salad (veg, gf)
avocado stir fry (veg, gf)
portabella tacos (veg, gf)
tomato & okra rice salad (v, gf)

tofu-egg quiche (veg, gf)
squash pizzas (veg, gf)
polenta pie with cashew cheese (v, gf)
spaghetti squash with asparagus (veg, gf)
eggplant "lasagna" (veg, gf)
cauliflower crust pizza (veg, gf)
stuffed peppers (veg, gf)
cacio e pepe spaghetti squash (veg, gf)
portabella tacos (veg, gf)
roasted eggplant with avocado salsa (veg, gf)
cauliflower steaks (v, gf)
herb-butter pasta (veg)
pan-fried sweet potato dumplings (veg)
"spaghetti" spaghetti squash (veg, gf)
sesame pasta (veg)
pumpkin peanut curry (veg, gf)
baked spaghetti squash alfredo (veg)
bbq onion pizza (veg)

sides, salads, small plates, soups
bruschetta potato salad (v, gf)
roasted kohlbari & garlic scapes (v, gf)
rainbow chard pesto (v, gf)
grilled potato packets (v, gf)
chickpea salad (veg, gf)
butternut squash soup (veg, gf)
super easy guacamole (v, gf)
sesame pasta (veg)
tomato & okra rice salad (v, gf) 
roasted fennel with parmesan (veg, gf)
mini mushroom and brie quiche (veg)
goat cheese & caramelized onions (veg, gf)

banana "ice cream" (v, gf)
cookie dough dip (v, gf)
meyer lemon & lime coconut cupcakes (gf)
peanut butter banana sandwich cookies (v, gf)
cake pops
trail mix granola bars

countdown champagne cocktail
cranberry-ginger punch
christmas cocktails & drinks
super chocolaty hot cocoa

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