Friday, December 16, 2011

happy hour: holiday punch

any holiday party you attend at my parents' house, you will undoubtedly find this holiday punch residing in the antique punch bowl that belonged to my maternal grandmother (she received it as a wedding present).  it's as simple as it is refreshing, and your guests will love the thoughtful, festive touch!

party punch - credit {here}
1 2-liter bottle of cranberry ginger ale
1 bottle of cranberry-apple juice
1 orange
small handful of whole cloves

1) pour ginger ale and juice into your punch bowl or a large pitcher.
2) slice the orange into coins and pierce with cloves to create decorative patterns on the slices.
3) float the orange slices with clove atop the punch!

looking for a punch with a kick?  chill a bottle of vodka or captain morgan's spiced rum and set it out alongside the punch so that guests can add a splash of their "punch" of choice to their glass.


  1. yum! this sounds perfect!! ugh why didnt i find out about this before my party on wednesday? lol ill have to vault this!

  2. Sounds so delish and festive! Can't wait to try it!


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