Monday, December 12, 2011

om monday: letting ideas grow

let me know if this sounds familiar... 

you get an idea - but not just any idea - a fabulously-wonderful-miraculous idea for a business, or for self-improvement or for creating something awesome.  and because this idea is so spectacular, you are, of course, super-excited to get moving on it, making it happen and bringing this awesomeness to life.  full steam ahead.  no obstacle could stop you.

"success seems to be connected with action.  successful men keep moving.  they make mistakes, but they don't quit."  -conrad hilton

you have a few strong weeks...or days...or hours...and then your energy and enthusiasm are beginning to wain.  you're tired, and the response to your wonderfulness was not quite as emphatic as you had hoped.  you can feel your idea fizzling and fading.  why did i ever think that was such a good idea anyway??!!

but, in this thought process, we're mistaken.  we're confusing a good idea with an easy idea.  and rarely are truly good, worthwhile ideas easy.

i once heard it described as this - you plant a seed deep in the earth.  you water it, make sure it gets enough sunlight, fertilize it, water it some more.  you see nothing, zip, nil on the surface, but underground the seed the growing.  little by little, it busts out of its casing and begins its slow and steady journey toward the surface.  there's so much work going on underground, but at surface level you see nothing - no fruits from your labor.  if you give up, stop watering the little seed and forget about it, it will never reach the surface and blossom into what it's meant to be.

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your idea is a little seed.  tend to it.  care for it.  it will become whatever you're willing to put into it.  and the more you persevere, the more fruitful your endeavors will be.  you get out what you put in.  so, put in a whole helluva lot.

and, always remember, the mighty oak was once a tiny acorn : )


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! :)
    Why? Because this, weirdly, happens to be often..and I mean SUPER often. But I usually don't have a clue how to get anything started!! I guess thats what I get for being a day dreamer...but maybe one day :)

    -Ashlee Michelle


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