Monday, December 26, 2011

om monday: let it shine

do you remember that kids' song..."this little light of mine, i'm gonna let it shine.  let it shine, let is shine, let it shine!"  i haven't thought about that song in years, but the other day in yoga, we were asked to tap into our inner light during our practice.  that inner knowing that lives deep within each one of us.  that beautiful essence of just being that radiates from us when we are truly in line with our authentic selves.

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throughout the holidays, we often look for external ways to brighten us up.  we immerse ourselves in holiday tasks and to-dos; hoping that the upcoming holiday party or the next gift given will be the thing that brightens our light and reconnects us to the true meaning of the season.  and then, come january 1st, we start with our endless list of improvements that must be made in order for us to achieve true and lasting happiness - lose 15 lbs, get a new job, get a gym membership. 

but, if we take a minute to think about it, we already know that those external things are never truly the key to contentment.  sure, they provide us with momentary pleasure, but after a few weeks that glow...the outer glow...will wear off.

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so, where does true brilliance reside if it's not in presents and parties and resolutions?  you already know.  we all do.  it already lives within each of us.  a little light that needs to be recognized and celebrated.  and, once you tap into it, there's no stopping the endless joy that can result from finding your inner luminance.

take a moment of quiet during these busy weeks and just notice.  notice the beautiful simplicity of slowing down, taking a deep breath and recognizing the light that was always there.

namaste : )


  1. i hope you had a wonderful christmas!

  2. I really love this post, it's so inspiring! I really need to do yoga again...


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