Monday, May 7, 2012

foodie: how to use leftovers for stuffed peppers

stuffed peppers are hearty, filling and delicious...and they are a fabulous way to use up leftover veggies, rice and cheese.  i'm all about simple, all-in-one meals, and stuffed peppers fit that to a "t".  (plus, they're gluten-free in honor of my month-long wellness experiment :-)

here's what you'll need for 4 stuffed pepper halves...

2 red peppers, washed, halved and seeded
leftovers!!! (i used vegetarian baked beans & sauteed onions, but you could also use rice or quinoa and any cooked veggies you have on hand - get creative with it!)
1/4 cup marinara sauce
2 tbsp bbq sauce
1/4 cup bleu cheese
salt & pepper

preheat oven to 425

1. place peppers in a cast iron skillet or pie plate, make sure they're secure and don't wobble.

2. mix "leftovers" together and season with salt and pepper if need be, and fill all pepper halves equally.

3. mix together marinara and bbq (you could also use salsa), and top peppers with it.

4. sprinkle with cheese.

5. pour 1/2 cup of water in the base of the skillet before baking so "steam" the peppers.

6. every 15 min, spoon some of the water in the base of the skillet over the peppers so they don't dry out.  cook for 45 min or until the peppers are super tender the cheese is bubbly and filling is lightly browned.

this one-dish dinner is super easy to make, and a great way to make use of all those leftover cooked veggies and odds-n-ends you have in the fridge.


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