Monday, November 24, 2008

My Ideas for the Designer Show House

Ever since this past Friday when I visited the May 2009 Designer Show House in which I'll be designing a bedroom, my head's been reeling with ideas. I've been going through endless magazines, catalogues, and websites looking for images and ideas that inspire me.
So far, I know that I want to go for (what I would call) a 1940s glamour look. In order to achieve this, I'll be sticking to a fairly monochromatic color scheme of ivory, cream, soft silvers, brushed golds, mellow metallics, and steely gray-blues...perhaps with touches of rich chocolate brown or even black for added drama. This color palette will infuse the room with an air of subtle sophistication. In the finishes, I'm leaning towards high-gloss, as well as many mirrored and metallic surfaces to reflect light and make the room sparkle like a piece of fine jewelry. Finally, I'll turn to silks, satins, taffeta, and even some velvets to enhance the luxuriousness of the room.

The sketch to the right shows some of my preliminary ideas for the layout of one corner of the bedroom. A small loveseat offers seating beside which a small side table stands with a lamp atop. Above the loveseat, a honeycomb mirror hangs and in front a tray-top table offers a spot to place a book or cup of tea. To the left, a small window seat is nestled between two built-in closets and offers additional seating. The whole idea behind modern glamour is sumptuous comfort paired with understated opulence - perfect for a relaxing bedroom haven.
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