Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Trends for Spring 2010!

With Spring fast-approaching, many people are starting to think about revamping their home. Below are a few trends I've been noticing in today's homes. Perhaps they'll inspire you as well!

"Green" decor. Eco-friendly is in! People are more and more interested in filling their home with not only beautiful pieces, but items that are earth-friendly as well. Check out for stylish "green" furniture. One of my favorites? The railroad tie coffee table for $598.

Beautiful and Functional. People are discovering that more stuff does not equate to more happiness. Therefore, many people are aiming to simplify their lives and homes and turning to pieces that are simultaneously beautiful and useful. Check out Ballard Designs castered tufted storage ottoman. It's attractive and functional and comes in countless fabric options to meet everyone's taste!

Happy (almost) Spring : )

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