Friday, May 7, 2010

Lifestyle Trends for 2010

1. Lifestyle vs. "Quick-Fix". In terms of the clientele I work with, there has been a strong shift in "dieting mentality". Many more individuals now are looking for healthy lifestyle changes that they can sustain for the long-term. People are much less interested in quick-fix fad diets - Atkins, Cabbage Soup, etc. People are beginning to realize that if they want to truly get healthy, they need to make a lifetime commitment.

2. Exercises that work body AND mind. Yoga is really coming into its own. Though it's been around for centuries and cropped up as a fad a decade back, people are really beginning to understand its true value as a mind/body experience. Yoga links breath with movement which really connects you to your body. People who are looking to lose weight and keep it off often find yoga invaluable as it teaches you to work with and listen to the nuances of your individual body.

3. Whole foods and green living. More so than ever before, people are becoming much more conscious of the ramifications of their actions and lifestyle decisions. People who truly want to live a healthy, harmonious life are beginning to recognize that that means more than just eating well and exercising, it also means being aware of the health of our community and planet. Farmers markets are popping up everywhere and organic produce and meats can be found at just about every grocery store. People are really beginning to think about how and where their food is grown as part of their commitment to healthy living

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