Wednesday, December 8, 2010

butter, sugar & love

part of our pre-christmas prepping always includes a day...or two...or three of baking.  each year, me, my sis and my mom set aside a day to gather in the kitchen and bake up a storm.  this year we're planning our bake-a-thon for next friday.  with my baking day on the horizon, i thought i'd share a recipe that we make year after year (and always get lots and lots of compliments on).  these amazingly delicious cookies come straight from scotland and have been enjoyed by my family for generations : )  i hope you enjoy them too!

our holiday dessert table
authentic scottish shortbread cookies

1 pound butter (4 sticks)
1 egg
1 cup sugar
4 cups flour
¼ teaspoon salt

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees. add sugar to room temperature butter and knead with hands.

2. add beaten egg and salt.

3. add flour gradually, continuing to knead dough with hands.

4. roll dough to ½ inch thickness and place on a cookie sheet with a lip.

5. cut dough into rectangular cookies (¾ inch by 2 inches). for a decorative touch, score each cookie 3 times with the tines of a fork, leaving 9 dots on the face of each cookie.

6. bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce temperature to 200 degrees and continue to bake for 1 hour or until lightly golden brown.

7. while cookies are still warm, cut again along same grid lines. allow to cool completely on baking sheet.

(the baking tray we use has lots of score marks in it from all the years of making these cookies.  i just love that.)

credit {here}
happy holiday (cookies)!


  1. Aww my mom makes them each year!!! I also love them:) Kisses, my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Holiday Parties

  2. OMGsh I LOVE shortbread cookies! I am definitely going to HAVE to try this recipe!

  3. Your shortbread cookies look like my family's! I LOVE LOVE LOVE shortbread and sometimes we dye them with food coloring for Christmas.

  4. This recipe sounds delicous. Me and my sister and mom plan on baking all Saturday and Sunday and making gift baskets for some friends and family members. I love baking. ☺

  5. Ooooh yum! Those look amazing, I might have to try them!!


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