Thursday, August 16, 2012

viva las vegas!

the strip (looking north)
at the beginning of august, craig and i packed our bags and hopped a flight to vegas.  we'd never been to "sin city" before, so we were both excited and wary of what we might find in the middle of the nevada dessert.

we met a couple of our good friends out there, which obviously sweetened the deal.  and after a lot of sun, cocktails and walking, we concluded that vegas is certainly a must-see at least once.  it's like an over-the-top disney world for adults :-)

one of our favorite things we did was a helicopter ride to the grand canyon.  we actually landed in the base of the canyon for a champagne dinner!  it was totally awesome!!

inside the bellagio

the exterior of new york, new york

we had just checked into the flamingo, and wanted some lunch -- we weren't there 5 min when the bartender started dancing on the bar as the wait staff danced in the aisles.  oh, yeah...we're in vegas.

enjoying a "fish bowl" with my ladies (from left to right: me, amy, ashley)

lounging by the flamingo's pool

our ride to the grand canyon

the eiffel tower...sort of...

the luxor

flying over the grand canyon!

view from the bellagio of the strip

more pics of the canyon
mandalay bay's over 21 pool
inside the wynn

craig and me in the base of the grand canyon!

as you would expect, the pics don't do the canyon justice -- it was truly breathtaking.  i'd tell you more about our trip, but as you know..."what happens in vegas, stays in vegas".  lol


  1. It is great you explored the canyon...I been to Vegas twice and just stayed at the strip...

  2. Helicopter ride? Grand Canyon? Sign me up! These pictures are amazing (especially that fish bowl) ... one of my friends is in Vegas right now and this is making me wish I could sneak into her luggage somehow.


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