Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eating Better Made Easy

In the January issue of Better Homes & Gardens they had a great article entitled "Healthy You". It offered valuable information about healthy living, losing weight, and the benefits of exercise. Taking my cues from that, I've summarized a bit of the article regarding eating better. So many of us strive to eat better and live healthier lives, but sometimes we don't know where to start. It's intimidating to think of making big changes and altering what is probably a pretty comfortable routine. With that said, here are some small (and easy) changes to help you start eating better today!

Smaller Plates - Using smaller dinnerware is a simple way to control portion sizes. Your plate will look plentiful, so you won't feel deprived even though you're eating less!

Leave Something Behind - Leave a little bit of your food on your plate at the end of each meal. So many of us finish everything on our plates - whether we're hungry for it or not. Leaving a bit of food puts you back in control (instead of the food controlling you).

Eat Breakfast - Skipping meals sets you up for overeating later. Breakfast, especially, is such an important meal. It revs your metabolism and will curb bingeing as the day wears on.

Add More Fruits/Veggies - You probably could have guessed this one on your own, but filling up on fruits and vegetables when hungry reduces your tendency to overeat less-nutritious foods. So fill 1/2 to 3/4 of your plate with fresh vegetables and fruit and then fill the remainder with whatever else you would enjoy!

Fill Up With Fiber - Foods with fiber fill you up faster, leave you feeling full longer, and are a great weight-loss tool. Vegetables and legumes are naturally rich in fiber so make sure to enjoy some of them throughout your day.

H20 - Make sure (especially in this cold, winter weather) to stay hydrated. So often, we mistake thirst for hunger and wind up eating when we're really in need of a tall glass of water. Plus, a few extra glasses of water will help to keep your skin hydrated during this chilly weather.

These simple tricks provide you with a great foundation for healthy eating. Start by incorporating just a few into your routine, and I bet you'll see a difference!

Happy (and healthy) Eating!

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