Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week by Week

In order to steadily keep my business, Cailen Ascher Design, moving forward, I recently developed a week by week schedule to help me accomplish all the tasks I typically need to do in a month's time. I'm hoping this week by week approach will help me to be more efficient and declutter my mind and workspace!

This is the outline of the schedule:

Week 1 - distribute advertising to local establishments, send mailings
Week 2 - research week - read design books, magazines & websites, do Interior Design Institute work
Week 3 - work on my book and organize, declutter, and consolidate my workspace
Week 4 - develop, print, and organize advertising and mailings

By giving myself a one week time frame to accomplish each of these tasks, it will keep me moving forward without depleting my energy. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by all that is before me, I'll be concentrated on that week's tasks, and not ping-pong all over the place trying to get everything accomplished at once. Obviously, not all of these tasks take a full week's time, but that allows for flexibility within the week. Also, as you can see, week 1's task is contingent upon completing week 4's...this will hold me accountable to getting things done on time!

For anyone else who is starting a new business or taking on a big project - why not try making a week by week outline. It will get you moving, keep you on task, and by the week's end, you'll feel like you've really made progress and accomplished something!

For more information about Cailen Ascher Design or my upcoming book, Well-Designed Living, visit www.CailenAscher.bravehost.com or email CailenAscher@gmail.com.

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  1. I think that is really helpful! One thing that I try to do is accomplish one important task before 11AM. This alone has really helped me to achieve my goals in no time flat. Good luck with the week by week schedule


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