Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My boyfriend, Craig, and I began the P90X DVD workouts last Tuesday and so far, so good. The workouts are challenging (and a little time consuming), but I'm really enjoying them thus far. (Especially Kenpo, which is like Tae Bo on steroids.) The program is 90 days long, and you workout 6 days a week, which is a bit of a commitment, but they promise phenomenal results. The workouts alternate between cardio-based and strength-based routines and all get you sweating.

The DVDs are recommended for fit people who already workout and are looking to up their intensity to see results. It is definitely not for beginners. (I've been working out regularly for years, and these workouts kick my butt!) With that said, if you have the time and energy to try something new that will definitely make you "feel the burn", P90X is for you!

As I mentioned, we began the program on Tuesday, May 19th. So far, I haven't noticed any real changes (but I'm only a week in, right?!) Also, I have not experienced much (if any) weight loss - though I am not really in it to lose weight. My goal is to really tone my body and get more muscle definition, which the other P90X graduates got big-time. My boyfriend said he hasn't lost much weight either, but we both agree that our form throughout the workouts and our stamina is improving. I'll keep you posted...

P90X, baby!

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