Friday, August 6, 2010

Design Your Life!

You are the designer of your life. For better or worse. The only person keeping you from reaching your dreams is you.  Now, I know that sounds a bit "in your face", but sometimes we need to be hit with the reality in order to make a change.

So often, we stand in our own way. (I know, I hate when people tell me that, too.) We self-sabotage our best efforts and then give up, feeling like a wounded victim. But, just like we have a choice in our happiness, we have a choice with the direction our life course takes. We are the designers of our lives. Designing is a creative process, but not a haphazard, caution-to –the-wind kind of artistic endeavor. Design requires planning, thought and, yes, a bit of creativity never hurts. Also, design is meant to be fun. So often our lives become so serious, so adult. Did you know that the average adult laughs just 15 times a day? The average child laughs more than 400.  Kinda sad, isn't it?

How often have you written a life list with all the wonderful things you wish for yourself with as much gusto as you compose a grocery list? Do yourself a favor and recognize your role as the designer of your life. Write down your goals, and share them with friends and family. Do anything you can to make them more real and tangible right now! It’ll take some time, but once you see yourself in this role and begin to accept it, you’ll be gifted with an amazing power. You’ll be able to craft the life of your dreams (and also recognize what dreams are truly vital for you to follow your bliss). Our life paths are not random. We all have a gift and a purpose. Our purpose is not always clear, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking for and exploring. And remember, your life mission can shift, morph and change. It’s OK if what satisfied you in your twenties no longer works for you in your forties. Reevaluate and redesign. Design is an evolution. It’s constantly shifting and developing. There is no “start” and “finish”.

Happy designing!

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