Tuesday, August 31, 2010

couch picnicker (the new couch potato)

every once in a while, you need a super relaxing evening at home.  you know the kind i'm talking about.  simple meal.  favorite show.  pjs on.  well, that's exactly what craig and i needed the other night.  so we turned to our time tested formula - the couch picnic. 
craig - the couch picnicker
our couch conveniently converts futon-style into a lovely full size bed.  so, when we're feeling especially lazy, we lay it down and enjoy our dinner picnic-style.  it's really a wonderful arrangement.  we sit, cross-legged with the food spread out before us and chat, chow down and enjoy some quality tv as we take a mini-vaca from reality.

the other night we enjoyed simple salads - 1/4 head ice berg lettuce still in its wedge form, fresh tomato, avocado with an avocado/balsamic vinaigrette.  yum.  to flesh it out a bit (and make it fun) i also put out a small spread of interactive options.  homemade bread (yes the leftovers from the party) with my mom's basil pesto and erin's cauliflower curry as toppings.

wedge salad
this set-up totally classes up traditional couch potato behavior.  there are no plastic trays of previously frozen food.  no open pizza boxes with a massacre inside.  our couch picnic included actual plates, real (fabric) napkins and utensils (gasp!).

the next time you're in need of low-key night at home, couch picnic it up.  let me know if you like it.  (but i have a feeling you will...)
homemade bread & spreads

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  1. I love the couch picnic idea!! Wish I had a nice clean futon to unfold.


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