Thursday, January 6, 2011

what's in store?

2011 is here.  can you believe it?  another new year filled with countless possibilities & endless opportunities lies before us.  with every new year, i find myself asking what i want from this new year, this fresh start.  i feel overwhelmed (in a good way) with the unknowns that lie before me and sense that i'm on the cusp of something fresh, new and magical.

what will 2011 bring me?  i know a few of the wonderful things that are in store already: a trip to california with friends to visit another friend, a dear friend's wedding, a cousins' vacation to north carolina, our wedding & honeymoon, to name just a few.  for my business?  a recently acquired staff writer job at a marketing firm, finishing and hopefully publishing my next book, new clients.

my new book, the champagne season
i'm not a huge proponent of "new year's resolutions" in the traditional sense.  though i revel in the fresh start and naturally feel an urge to revamp and refocus, i think that hard-and-fast resolutions often set us up for disappointment.  instead, i like to focus on what is already good in my life (that i want to continue doing or enjoying) and what i could include (or change) to bring me more true happiness.

if the act of making resolutions has failed you in the past, perhaps the only "resolution" you need is to be resolute (adjective. admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering).

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to help you focus for 2011:

1. be grateful for what is already good in your life
2. aim for small changes that are sustainable (and enjoyable)
3. write down your wishes or create a vision board to visually remind you of your hopes & aspirations
4. be true to yourself

happy wonderfully fabulous new year : )  what's in store for you?


  1. Those are really great goals,sweetie...Im so happy about your new job and cant wait to hear more about the book

  2. Oh I love your approach to NY resolutions. I promised I wouldn't make one this year... except 2010 brought a lot of ridiculous statements from my family, which I did not write down. So my resolution (besides being grateful for what is good, including more good, and changing what isn't good) is to write down all the crazy shiz my family (mostly grandmother) says. She's crazy.

  3. I know what you mean about not making resolutions in the traditional sense. If you want to change something, why wait until it's an official calendar date?

    Good luck with your book! I hope I publish a book in my lifetime, too :)


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