Saturday, June 25, 2011

stacking bowls - simply green

you all know i'm a big fan of overnight oats {recipe here}.  i prep them the night before and am greeted with a delicious, wholesome breakfast waiting in my fridge each morning.  the only thing i didn't like about my overnight oats routine was the amount of foil i was regularly using to over my breakfast bowl.  in a moment of (mini) inspiration, i grabbed a small plate from the cabinet and used it to cover my oats - instead of using foil.  brilliant!

overnight oats
not only does it greatly diminish the amount of foil i use, it also allows me to stack bowls, which is very convenient if craig wants some morning oats, too.

now, don't feel you can only use this method for oats - it would work great as a replacement for any foil or tupperware situation.  leftovers, cut fruit or berries, you name it!  i'm loving this simply green solution : )

how are you simply green?


  1. such a good solution! This is something my Mom would think of haha.

  2. Hmmm, I didn't really think consciously about it but I did stop using foil, sandwich bags and gladwrap (not sure what it is called in the USA, not even sure what it is in UK, but it is gladwrap in South Africa - stretchy, plasticky stuff).

    I do use a lot of Tupperware but I don't buy new stuff at all, I've just taken care and adapted the very first set I got.

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  4. Good advice with the bowl and plate! I love overnight oats as well, although I usually use a small container of yogurt rather than milk. To cut down on the plastic wrap I used to use to cover it, I bought a container with a lid to use just for my breakfast. Now I have no excuse not to make them every night!


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