Monday, February 13, 2012

let go of labels

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i am lazy…or at least i tell myself i am.  a lot.  why?  because somewhere between the ages of 5 and 15, having a penchant for hanging out instead of helping out, i developed this belief.  and, as with anything we believe to be true, the label stuck.  and now, at 26, i still feel like i’m “being lazy” if i don’t bust my butt 24/7.

despite the fact that i have a full-time writing job, teach yoga 3-4 times a week, write and manage my blog, attend yogadharma training 2 weekends per month and go to buddhism class once a week, i still call myself lazy.  after re-reading that list with objective eyes, it seems that more than anything, my schedule is a little crazy right now.  go figure…

so why do i still have that inner dialogue that says “you’re lazy for not doing the laundry today” or “typical cailen – didn’t devote enough time to her blog today”?  because the label of laziness has been part of my identity for so long.  for better or worse, it became part of who i am and how i perceive myself.  and, as you can see from the discrepancy between the label and my current reality, how we label ourselves is rarely an accurate reflection of who we truly are.

so, how are you labeling yourself?  ugly, fat, unlovable, stupid, bitchy, weak, lazy?  these labels cripple us and our potential. 

need an example?  i want to be an entrepreneur and ultimately work for myself.  all successful entrepreneurs are super hard-working.  i am lazy.  therefore, i will never be a successful entrepreneur.  

see how my label totally crapped on my dream?!  it took the wind right out of my sails and sapped my energy –and consequently makes me feel like acting lazy, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle!

but, since these labels are self-generated, they can also be self-destroyed.  the next time you hear one of your typical labels pop into your mind, call yourself out!  and notice where that label is coming from –most likely not from an authentic place connected with your deepest potential.  more likely, it’s shallow, superficial and only sticks around just because you let it.  so take your life back by redefining how you label yourself.   i’m not lazy.  i’m actually quite efficient with my time and am doing my very best.

meditation prompt for your journal or cushion:
what is one label i’m ready to let go of?
what positive label or thought can i replace it with?

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  1. SO true about labels! I also think our society is so obsessed with constantly being busy and on the move. Having crazy and hectic schedules is strangely revered. When I visited France for six weeks, I was amazed at how much slower and calmer their days moved. It was okay to sit and have a leisurely lunch. People weren't so obsessed with being busy there, and it was amazing!


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