Thursday, November 11, 2010

25 questions...

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sara beth from simple thoughts from a simple girl tagged me with 25 questions to answer about myself.  so, here they are!  hope you enjoy : )

1. Do you see a lot of stars at night where you live?
i wouldn't say "a lot", but on a clear night, you can definitely see them.

2. Did you cry today?
actually, yes.  kind of.  i got a little teary eyed (in a good way) this morning over a video my mom sent me via email.

3. What are you doing tomorrow?
working.  then craig and i are heading to my parents' house for dinner and to spend the night.

4. What is the last movie you watched and what's the best thing about it?
sex and the city 2.  the clothes.  definitely the clothes.

5. Are you craving any kind of food right now?
hmmm...right at this very minute?  no.  but lately i've been dying to get some good sushi.

6. Who slept in your bed with you last?
craig of course.  we always try to convince olive (or doggie) to join us, but we're rejected every time.

7. Where were you at 9am?
i was at home having breakfast with craig.  (he's home today because it's veteran's day.)

8. How do you feel about your hair?
generally i like it.  i used to not get along with it at all because it's sooo curly, but i've learned to embrace the curl over the years.

9. Do you plan on having any babies and if so how many?
yes.  probably two.

10. Do you wear makeup?
rarely.  i'm not big into the whole makeup thing, but if we're going out, i definitely put a bit on : )

11. Have you done any community service this year?

12. What is the last concert you went to?
i think jack johnson.  like 3 years ago.  i guess we need to get out more... lol

13. Do you have any secret wishes right now?
yes (but for obvious reasons, i cannot share them...then they wouldn't be a secret!)

14. Have you ever cried in front of the last person you kissed?
yeah.  definitely.

15. If you could be anywhere right now where would you want to be?
on a romantic getaway with craig somplace secluded and relaxing (with great restaurants nearby : )

16. How is the weather lately?
beautiful.  sunny & high 50s.

17. Where do you want to eat next?
well, this weekend craig and i are heading into philly to go to our fave restaurant tinto.  so, i'm really looking forward to that meal!

18. What scares you the most about relationships?
losing people you love.

19. What's your favorite sport to play?
well, i don't really play sports.  but as far as physical activities go, i love yoga and walking.  i used to play tennis in high school, so i guess that would be the sport i like best.

20. Do you like chocolate?

21. What are you listening to?
a mix.  ella fitzgerald, norah jones, billie holiday, etc.

22. What happens to you when you get nervous?
i get tense and can't settle.

23. Does the rain ruin your day?

24. What is your relationship status?
engaged : )

25. Are you ticklish?
a little bit.  (not nearly as ticklish as craig, so i always win tickle fights.)

so, if you were "tagged" by receiving a link to this post in your blog comments, feel free to copy & paste the questions and answer them for yourself.  (ps. stop back and leave me a link to yours, if you get the chance!  i'd love to read it.)


  1. hey girl! I have a post scheduled answering the questions too -- it'll be up tomorrow morning =) thanks for the tag!
    I LOVED reading your answers =)

  2. Aw fun idea!! Love your answers :)

  3. I loved reading this post and getting to know you more,sweetie
    Kisses and see you soon


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