Wednesday, November 10, 2010

perks of the job

back of lodge
today i went with one of my writing clients, denise from nelson bridge, to view a house that she and her design partner have been working on.  i ghostwrite their blog and do some email marketing for them, so they wanted me to see the house, so i can brainstorm some ideas about how to publicize the project.

front door - welcome to the lodge!

the place was unreal. it sits on the top of a hill in the middle of 1000 acres of land. yes, that's right...i said 1000. there are amazing views in every direction. it's done in the style of a rustic hunting lodge, but believe me, there are very, very few "rustic" qualities about the place. everything is so lavish and impressive - i felt like i was on a movie set!

great room

view down the stairs
the floor plan radiates out from the central great room.  this massive space has two huge fireplaces, four seating areas, a gigantic bar with seating for 8 people and a floor-to-ceiling window (or rather window wall) with gorgeous views.  flanking the great room are the billiard room and master bedroom on one side and the dining room and kitchen on the other.  upstairs there are four more bedrooms, all with private baths (and amazing views, of course), and the basement contains two "media zones" - one for tv viewing and the other for gaming.  like i said before...unreal.

view of great room from upstairs
notice the bar to the left???

view from widow's walk

another view of back

another great vista
what a fun day at work! 

oh, and if you're interested in checking out the blog i ghostwrite for them click {here}.


  1. OMG that place looks amazing! I love love love that view:)

    Ps: I’m hosting a sweet t-shirt and tote GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)


  3. ah what i'd give to live in a house like that!
    Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)

  4. Oh my that house is incredible!! I want to live there!!

  5. What a beautiful house. I'm so envious.

  6. wow! this place is GORGEOUS! And the ACREAGE!!! What a fun day =)

  7. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! That house is incredibly beautiful!!!

    Oh & can I say how much I love coming to your house & hearing Billie sing :-) She is my favorite!!!

    Have a great weekend lady :-)

  8. Wow, what a place! Looks like a ski lodge more than a single family home. Must have been so much fun getting the tour of it. Thanks for sharing it!


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