Tuesday, April 10, 2012

there's just too much to do!

this past week was just one of those weeks where it felt like there wasn't enough hours in a day.  i constantly felt 2 steps behind, as simple tasks turned out to be not-so-simple at all.  don't you love it when things that you believe should only take minutes, take far longer, or, better yet, don't work out at all?  and i noticed, that the more i let stuff get to me, the more things arose that i found agitating.  coincidence?....i think not...
when sh*t hits the fan. credit {here

the thing is that your reaction to life's events will affect experiences that come up for you later that day, that week or even that month or year.  and, the more you dwell on the things you wish wouldn't be a part of your life, the more you attract them to yourself.  ever notice that?

well the good news is that it's all within your power to change.  instead of focusing on how "nothing's going your way", and getting peeved when the woman in line in front of you at CVS recruits the only cashier to help her print out photos, you can choose to breathe your way through it, let it go, and perhaps even bring a subtle smile to your face.  ahhh...life...  (easier said than done, i know.)

if you're having a rough week, and are rolling your eyes at what i just said about smiling and letting it go, just take a brief moment to consider your experience with this phenomenon.  did you ever notice that when things are going to sh*t and you lose it, that generally more things tend to go to sh*t and you lose it even more?  it's a self-perpetuating cycle.  on the other hand, when you're feeling positive and happy, more positive, happy things come your way.  hmmm.....

the truth is that like attracts like.  if you're putting out crappy energy and negative thoughts, crappy, negative things will be more drawn to you.  but, if you choose (yes, it is a choice) to look on the bright side, and let things roll off your back, less agitating events will come your way.  and ultimately only good things will be drawn to you.  very cool.

i'm not telling you to take my word for it.  give it a try yourself.  play with it.  and let me know how it goes.

meditation for your journal or cushion:
when you're feeling particularly negative, do you notice that more negative things come your way?
when you're happy, do you notice that you attract more positive things?

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  1. I've been consciously trying to focus on the positives at work over the past few weeks because of you and I've been working on letting go of the stuff that drives me crazy. My days have been filled with more smiles and laughing because of it:) I've even found that I'm enjoying my evenings and weekends more! You really do bring about what you think about!!!!


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