Thursday, June 21, 2012

happy birthday, dad!

today is my dad's 60th birthday!!!  besides being an all-around great guy, he is also a wonderful friend, wise teacher, raving fan and constant comedian.

i love you, dad.

credit {here}
at great pond by mary oliver
at great pond
the sun, rising,
scrapes his orange breast
on the thick pines,
and down tumble
a few orange feathers into
the dark water.
on the far shore
a white bird is standing
like a white candle ---
or a man, in the distance,
in the clasp of some meditation ---
while all around me the lilies
are breaking open again
from the black cave
of the night.
later, i will consider
what i have seen ---
what it could signify ---
what words of adoration i might
make of it, and to do this
i will go indoors to my desk ---
i will sit in my chair ---
i will look back
into the lost morning
in which i am moving, now,
like a swimmer,
so smoothly,
so peacefully,
i am almost the lily ---
almost the bird vanishing over the water
on its sleeves of night.
happy birthday, dad <3

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