Friday, July 9, 2010

Farm to Table

In my on-going quest to live better, I've decided to eat more local, whole foods and cut many processed foods out of my diet. That said, over the past week I've stopped at a local farm stand for fresh zucchini, corn and blueberries and made homemade granola and trail mix to replace my go-to granola bar. Even though it's only been a few days (and actual, physical benefits I'm sure have yet to take place), I already feel better.

Just the idea of eating farm-to-table makes you feel healthier. The concept that your food was locally grown and cared for by people in your community is completely cool. Not only are you eating healthy and DELICIOUS food, but you're also supporting your community and reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. You can't really beat that combo, can you?

If you're interested in becoming a "locavore" too, check out for the location of your nearest farmer's market. And remember, small changes can have big results. If we all just made a few small changes to our grocery shopping habits and diets, amazingly positive changes could occur.

So, next time you're hungry, think about eating something from nearby : )

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  1. And if you love farm-to-table restaurants, a great resource is the American Farm to Table Restaurant Guide. The URL is


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