Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Myth of Perfection

As I've mentioned, I'm currently working on my latest book (working title Health, Happiness & Home).  It's going to address how to live your best life by listening to your intuition, simplifying your life and home and seeking beauty in all things, including yourself.  Here is a taste of what I'm working on...

     The myth of perfection permeates our lives. We constantly measure ourselves and our lives against standards that no one (or at most very, very few individuals) can attain. Worse yet, when we fall short of these unrealistic ideals, we criticize ourselves and feel like failures. We believe that we have to be the perfect wife, sister, daughter, mother, employee, boss, lover, etc. in order for our lives to feel happy and complete.

     This idea that only perfection is acceptable; only perfection can be appreciated, only perfection can be loved drives many of our lifestyle decisions and goals. Yet, these goals, as important as they may seem, are often completely ego-centric and unattainable. We scrutinize every pound we gain and turn to unhealthy methods to lose weight, truly believing that if we could weigh a bit less (or a lot less), we would be able to get our lives on track and find that elusive harmony and true satisfaction we’ve been craving. We wish for more money, nicer clothes, a bigger home and better car, thinking that if we only possessed these tangible symbols of happiness, we would truly be happy. But, as physical as these emblems of success and happiness might be, they’re not real. They are not (and never will be) what truly makes us happier, healthier and saner.

     The problem is that the concept of perfection is flawed. The notion that only perfect, ideal, faultless beings are allowed to partake in what makes life miraculous and are the only ones deserving of true happiness is ludicrous! Nobody is perfect. No one has their act together all the time. The trick is to do the best you can with what you’ve got and have faith that if you believe that you deserve happiness, happiness will undoubtedly begin to make its way into your life.

So there you have it.  Just a little sample of what I'm working on.  Hope you enjoyed it!  And keep checking back for more : )

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