Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maintain Your Motivation

Isn't it great when you first set a goal for yourself?  You're so pumped and ready to go and just know that you're going to succeed.  Nothing can stop you!  Fast-forward one week.  Still feel the same way?  If you're like most people, probably not.  After the first few "honeymoon" days, reality begins to set in.  You start to questions yourself and your resolve.  So, how do you power through when your motivation is fading fast?  Below are some simple, easy tricks to harness your motivation to reach all your healthy lifestyle goals!

1. Change your vocabulary. Saying "I want to workout" or "I choose to eat healthy foods" is much more empowering that victimizing yourself and saying "I have to..."

2. Make a list. Making a list of all the reasons why your healthy living goals are important is a great way to harness your motivation. List everything from "fitting into my 'skinny' jeans" to "being able to play with my kids". Reread the list whenever you need a motivation booster.

3. Share your goals. Sharing your goals with others is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Telling your family and friends what you're hoping to achieve is a wonderful way to motivate yourself because if you fail to reach your goals, you'll not only disappoint yourself, but you'll have to "explain" it to your friends and family.

4. Recruit a friend. So many of us aim to get healthier as one of our primary goals. So, why not reach out to a friend, sibling or spouse to accompany you on your journey. Teaming up is a fantastic way to get your butt in gear!

Best of luck : )

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