Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bubbly goodness : )

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martini rossi asti spumante
 champagne is february's wine of the month.  any of you who have spent any time with me (in person or on my blog) know that i love a good (that's a relative term) champagne.  there's just something about its bubbly goodness that i adore.  it transforms an average evening into a celebration.  and don't even get me started about how much i love it in a vodka cocktail...

so, with the (slightly) new direction my blog is taking with all the new monthly features - like wine of the month.  i figured what better wine to start with than champagne?!  and what better month for champagne than february?  it was kismet.  so, back to champagne.  i don't know about you, but i've never been totally clear on what exactly brut, extra dry, demi sec, etc. indicate.  so, i did a bit of investigating, and here's the deal:

o ultra/extra brut = the most dry*
o brut = very dry
o extra dry/extra sec = less dry than brut or slightly sweeter than brut
o dry/sec = sweet
o demi sec = even sweeter
o doux = sweetest

*dry meaning not sweet or that almost all sugar has turned to alcohol...

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so, if you like something on the sweet side, opt for sec or demi sec.  if you like dry, try brut.  simple enough.  don't know why it took me so long to figure out... 

some of my personal faves.  don't worry - they're all under $15 a bottle.  yay!

cupcake prosecco - ok, so it's not actually a champagne because only grapes grown in champagne, france can actually make champagne, but it's bubbly none-the-less.  and delicious.  we had it at my sister's birthday dinner at this adorable restaurant last friday, and we all agreed the wine was delish!  i would say it would fall in the extra dry/extra sec category.  you can find it for around $9/bottle : )

martini & rossi asti spumante - so so so good.  perfectly sweet (probably in the demi-sec category) and very smooth.  great with chocolate covered strawberries...hint, hint.  you can find it for around $12/bottle.  not bad, eh?

korbel brut champagne - for those with drier preferences.  korbel is a great stand by for parties.  it's not expensive, but it has a good name and is always reliable when it comes to delivering a good quality bubbly.  you can find it for $14/bottle.

picture credit {here}

so there you have it.  i know i'll definitely put this new knowledge to good use when buying champagne...which we probably won't have to do for a while considering we have about a dozen bottles in the house.  (a lot of lovely engagement gifts.)  good thing i LOVE it!

cheers!  any cheap/good bottle recommendations?

what other fabulousness is coming up this month?  check it out {here}.


  1. I also love some bubbly from time to time:) Have a great day, sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting Paloma’s Nest GIVEAWAY today:).Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Great post! Champagne is one of my faves :)

  3. I have just started to drink lots of champagne, as I live right next door! My french friends tell me it's like drinking water...

  4. I am a devoted lover of bubbly. Usually I drink Cava, the Spanish version of champagne. And, the especially fun part about bubbly, is the fun glasses.

  5. I love champagne! I saw St. Germain at the store the other day and thought of you & your yummy cocktail from last month, I'm dying to try it!

  6. i love love that quote!! too cute. and i am never one to turn down a glass of champagne :) xoxo jcd


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