Monday, February 21, 2011

just toying around

they know just what to say to me...
i hope that you all enjoyed (or should i say "are enjoying") the long weekend.  since craig and i both have off today, we went into doylestown with olive.  we grabbed some coffees, walked around looking at the cute houses and then stopped at lilly's gourmet to pick up sandwiches (and an extra big cookie) for lunch. 

food counter at lilly's
while we meandered around town, i was having a blast with this phone app i just discovered (thanks to amanda).  it's the fxcamera app.  it's free, and it's awesome.  my favorite is the toy camera setting which saturates the picture with color and produces some really cool effects.  so much fun!  here are some shots from our walk around town.

pola(nd)roid setting

toy camera setting

check it out and have some fun!  if you post any pictures on your blog, be sure to let me know : )


  1. sounds like a great day!! i had to work all day =/ have some fun for me =)

  2. How app and being off for the holiday. Sorta looks like the hipstamatic app. Doylestown is a great place to wander around. I miss that area so much. Enjoy!

  3. how fun--love the app! im glad you had a nice day off :) xoxo jcd

  4. Cailin! These photos are great! Now, try the "Retro Camera" app. Check out the pictures on my blog from today - I took them with that app :)

  5. That is such a great app and the photos look so good:) Glad you had fun, darling. Happy Tuesday

  6. Don't you just love long weekends? I spent yesterday catching up on a few household chores and baking a delicious coffee cake and then being totally lazy and watching Gossip Girl.

  7. Looks like a fun day! And I love the pics, they have a cool eery quality to them.

  8. Hmm... might have to download that app! I love that type of thing!

    And thanks for visiting my blog recently, girl! I sure appreciated it. :)


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