Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what did you do for {heart} day?

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"my ideal vday would be with the boy that i like...so middle school! but i've always had fun valentine's days with my friends. we cook fun meals together and write love notes. what could be better?"

"for valentine's day this year we're planning on museum-hopping in philly and then grabbing a pint at an irish pub that just opened up in my hometown. to say i cannot WAIT would be a vast understatement."

pizza & wine <3
"i love dates with my husband. we have a tandem bicycle and my favorite is our standing year round saturday date (rainy days excepted) where we head south along the coast and after about 15 miles or so stop for brunch and then head back home. so important to still date your spouse!"

"i think i'm going to make fondue for my valentine's day date this year : )"

melted chocolate...yum!
"i think my favourite would be a day date if you have somewhere nice to wander around. i live in saudi arabia as an expat and it's quite restrictive here, so when my hubs and i manage to get out of here, it's quite a treat to have a wander around somewhere new and just take our time, taking it all in."

"an ideal date for us is a nice dinner out, with tropical cocktails then a movie and some cuddles on the couch!"

homemade pizza
what did i do?

“valentine’s was spent in our pjs, lounging on the couch with olive, watching jeopardy & the bachelor.  for our meal, craig and i enjoyed homemade (heart-shaped) pizza & red wine and for dessert, hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries…and chocolate covered oreos.”

-cailen, for the recipes click {here}


isn't olive the cutest?!!


  1. This is so adorable! I like how you themed everything. I bet the pizza tasted as good as it looked! :) My husband was sick since Sunday and I was so tired from work that I just ordered some Chinese food for us.

    You look like you had a splendid one! :)

  2. great post! i love hearing what everyone does. I used to go to the movies with my friends and exchange little gifts. With my ex, we went out to dinner I think. THe girls date was more fun usually lol

  3. what a clever post - I love reading about how other people celebrated Valentine's day! My boyfriend and I not only celebrated Valentine's Day but also our one year anniversary by enjoying Mexican food with good friends and later exchanging homemade cards! :)

  4. how fun!! wish i would have had fondue... maybe ill have to make that happen! my boyfriend and i did a low-key dinner on saturday (he was on call monday night). xoxo jcd

  5. How cute! I love the heart shaped pizza.

  6. So adorable. The food looks amazing. And Olive is a beautiful dog.

  7. Pizza in a heart shape! How cool. My husband made me a pizza too, in a delicious rectangle. Then yesterday I bought a sampler of chocolates from Max Brenner in Philly, and we had them with a glass of port.

  8. A heart shaped pizza, I love it! Can't go wrong with pizza & wine! :)

  9. Yum! Might have to try and put zucchini on my next pizza now. That looks so yummy. I gave you a little award Cailen! Come by and see it when you get a chance!


  10. Thanks for the kind comment! I love hearing from my readers!
    Is your dog really named Olive? That's ADORABLE!

  11. I love Olive!!!! All your Valentine's Day food looks wonderful...after 25 years of marriage, I made a nice dinner with some chocolate cake...nothing too exciting :)

  12. I love the pizza! Thanks so much for following and for your lovely comment yesterday! Your blog is lovely! :)

  13. Aww...how lovely:) I love that pizza and the dog is totally adorable:) happy Friday, sweetie

  14. I Love that Heart Shaped Pizza! So Cute!!!!


  15. This is so awesome! Thanks for following my blog! I replied to your questions about my pictures below the comment you left. Have a great weekend!


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