Wednesday, March 30, 2011

cornflake's 5 favorites

everyone, please say hello to jillian from cornflake dreams.  jillian's a sweetheart with to-die-for style and a completely awesome blog.  it's such a treat to have her visiting lifestyle maven today.  hope you enjoy reading about her five favorites!  oh, and if you miss sure to check out my five favorites guest post over at her blog : )

xoxo cailen

food:: i am slightly obsessed with sandwiches: caprese. bbq pulled pork. blue cheese burgers. turkey blt. grilled cheese w tomatoes. peanut butter and jelly. i love them all- everything tastes better on bread. my two favorite places to eat in chicago are sandwich shops:: jerry's sandwiches in wicker park and pastoral bread off michigan avenue downtown. 

city:: i moved to charleston, sc after college and i fell head over heels in love. the historic city is such a sweet and charming place and i would love to live in one of the many gorgeous southern homes. my stay in charleston only lasted six months but the city will always hold a special place in my heart. check out the design sponge chuck town city guide

store:: west elm. i discovered this store a few months ago and was thrilled to find lots of affordable, unique and modern pieces. my fiance likes the store too--major bonus! i just wish they offered wedding registry :) 

blog/website:: etsy. i have been known spend hours on this website... not sure how that happens but it does. a lot. i love discovering new artists and designers and this is the perfect place. 

movie:: sense and sensibility. swoooon. i have seen this movie more times than i care to admit. i am a fan of jane austen and period pieces but this one tops them all. i love kate winslet as the passionate and romantic marianne and emma thompson wrote a fantastic adapted screenplay. the film was directed by ang lee and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous. if you haven't seen this version do yourself a favor and rent it. you'll never see alan rickman the same way again. 

thank you to cailen for having me! stop by cornflake dreams anytime for more fashion, travel and design inspiration. xoxo, jillian


  1. Great seeing Jillian here - I loved her top 5 list.

  2. I have a crush on Charleston too! My sis got married there! ;)

  3. Love both of your blogs! On your top five list, thanks for the new blog to read! I love that that's what started you on your love of blogging! I love love sushi and anthropologie too...

  4. Thank you Jillian for introducing me to a new blogger, Cailen :) I adore Sense and Sensibility and think that after watching the movie, you will never look at Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant the same way again!

  5. Food is so #1:-) Love it!
    P.S. Just found your adorable blog! xoxo

  6. Love Jillian's top 5 ... and that she introduced me to your blog! :)

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  7. well i just have to say that I love your name... I mean we Jillian's are awesome!

    food and sense and sensability, I am thinking i have my weekend planned haha popcorn and netflix!

  8. Hey thats a very nice idea - 5 favorites... Cool! really good. and a superb blog overall there.


  9. oh my! bbq pulled pork sounds delicious. where's your favorite place for them??

  10. @stephanie-- i really love BBQ sandwiches at penguin eds in fayetteville, arkansas (the fiance's hometown). i am still searching for a good bbq place in chicago :)

    thanks for all of the sweet comments! xoxo jcd

  11. great post, jillian! sense + sensibility is pretty great.



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