Wednesday, March 23, 2011

do you believe in luck?

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"i think i do believe in luck..." - diana

"i do believe in destiny and luck.. my lucky charm is my claddagh ring" - jillian

"i do believe in fate. i believe we have to trust in the way life takes us and learn from it. i'm not so sure if we can actually change our fate with lucky charms..." - brittany

or is it...?  (credit here)
"maybe i don't feel lucky but rather blessed" - deborah

"i don't think anything happens by chance or luck. to me, that would feel like a chasing after the wind. i believe there is a purpose to everything" - carissa

"i believe in destiny and luck" - things i love

...or is it fate?  (credit here)
"luck or fate.  destiny or free will.  any way you shape it, life can be magical" - cailen


  1. I think luck is all in your attitude. Have you ever read the book "The Secret"? It seems that if you have a positive attitude and outlook on life that good things happen to you. :)

  2. I have seen the dvd of the secret..and read portions of the book. I totally agree...a positive attitude makes a huge difference! It draws good things to you for sure!


  3. i believe in luck and fate but I also believe that it can fall into your own hands and that we all have the ability to influence the direction that our life takes

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. This post really has me thinking now! The more thought I put into the concept of "luck," the more I think life is about fate and some sort of unique divine plan. I'm not so sure I believe in luck.

  5. What a good post! Love all the thoughts on luck, especially deborah's on feeling blessed!

  6. i do! but i also believe in making good things happen :)
    (thanks so visiting - i'm following you now, too!)

  7. I think we all believe in luck -- some of us just call it something else; it is that and what we do with it that separates us and our beliefs =)

  8. I believe that we make our own luck, and the rest is just blessings :)
    love this post

  9. It's kinda tricky, this question :p Well, I should say I believe in karma. If you do good deeds then what goes around comes around...

  10. I really, really love this post! And your blog, too! I'm looking forward to reading more of your beautiful posts :)

  11. what a lovely post :) v cute.
    and i just LOVE the new header!!
    xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  12. are such a sweetie-pie:) This post is so adorable! Thanks, darling and wish you a lovely Friday


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