Tuesday, March 1, 2011

march madness : )

march 2011 is brought to you by guinness (in honor of st. patty & craig) and the color green

check out all the wonderful things march will bring to lifestyle maven.  and if you're still catching up on your february reading, check out all the amazingness that went down {here}.

a big welcome to spiral style & jewelry giveaway
craig cooks?!
march 13 – daylight savings
drink o’ the month
pub crawl – pouring the perfect pint (beer wimp like me? – my faves)
oh so delicious…irish soda bread
march 17 – st. patrick’s day
what’s your lucky charm?
wine o’ the month
march 20 – first day of spring
signs of spring – dad’s photos
gettin’ lucky – thoughts on luck
blog of note – blog swap : )

so, lovelies...do you believe in luck?  what is your lucky charm?

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  1. hoooray for the first day of spring!! :) im looking forward to st pattys day and ill have to get a shamrock shake sometime this month. xoxo jcd


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