Tuesday, September 7, 2010

boston: drink by drink

boston cocktails: )
warning:  you may get a bit tipsy from reading this post.

craig and i spent labor day weekend up in boston with his sis, val.  i haven't been to boston in years, and we could not have picked a more gorgeous weekend.  very much a fall preview, weather-wise : )  we did a lot of visiting, walking, talking, eating and drinking.  pretty much an all-around good weekend by anyone's estimation, i would imagine.  so in lieu of giving you a step by step run down of everything we did (and saw) and believe me, it was quite a lot, i figured i'd gloss over the highlights (and the drinks)!

val & craig
friday: dinner and drinks in somerville near val's apartment.  and introduction to my new love...st. germain liqueur.  it's an elderflower liqueur and has a kind of pear-citrus flavor and is completely scrumptious!  tonight val and i enjoyed cocktails of st. germain, grey goose, champagne and fresh lemon.  and yes, they were as amazing as they sound...

saturday: the morning consisted of a tour of sam adam's brewery.  very cool.  great tour guide and free beer.  i'm not beer drinker, but it was still a good time : ) i like free things, and i did enjoy learning how to properly taste and evaluate beer.  food and drink lessons are always fun.  afternoon = red sox game.  sports aren't generally my thing either, but tradition and nostalgia totally are.  fenway is a step back in time.  afterwards drinks at "game on" sports bar.  i mean free drinks at "game on".  thanks to val's connections, we were treated to two rounds of free beverages.  the evening consisted of sushi, a visit to harvard square and another oh so delicious st. germain and champagne treat!  seriously, try it.  it transports you to 1940s paris in a heartbeat (or should i say a sip)...

craig at sam adam's brewery
sunday: one word.  walking.  we walked then walked some more.  which i was totally on board with after all the food/drinks.  we started at val's place and walked through cambridge, down newbury street, stopped at quincy market for lunch, enjoyed harbor views, made our way through the north end and finally found ourselves seated at the bar of the oldest tavern in boston, bell in hand.  this time i quenched my thirst with a water (yes, i do drink water, too) and raspberry vodka and club with a splash of peach schnapps and lime wedge.  fruity and yes, refreshing.  afterwards, back to val's for some much needed down time before venturing out to dinner in the davis square section of beantown. posto (despite the hour long wait for a table) was fabulous.  homemade, gourmet pizzas.  fig, caramelized onion & gorgonzola.  wild mushroom.  roast chicken, pesto & goat cheese.  is your mouth watering yet?  and guess what they had (besides to-die-for roasted chili oil for bread-dipping)...wait for it...a st. germain sparkler.  perfection.

near quincy market
monday: final day.  slightly travel weary but still having fun.  today we walked back to harvard square to do a bit more exploring.  stopped for lunch.  indian buffet this time located in a sub-subterranean restaurant with a cavernous, hole-in-the-wall kind of feel.  afterwards, we wandered in and out of shops and took in the super preppy atmosphere : )  we made our way back towards val's place and stopped once more for our new favorite drink.  val dropped us off at the airport around dinner time for our 8pm flight and craig and i enjoyed dinner and drinks at legal sea foods.  the best airport food i've had.  ever.  and they even had st. germain...

craig & cailen : )

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  1. Sounds like an intoxicating weekend! Glad you guys had fun! :-)


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