Monday, September 13, 2010

rain, rain (don't) go away

rainy day relaxing
rain on the window pane
there's just something about a rainy day that beckons you to join it in its dreary simplicity.  curl up, it says.  veg out.  do nothing.  put your pjs back on, brew a cup of your favorite tea and enjoy a good movie.  i've never minded rainy days.  i actually need one once in a while.  i'm a home-body and rainy days encourage you to stay inside, get cozy and replenish.  and honestly, who doesn't need that once in a while?!

tea cup
my recipe for the perfect rainy day...

-1 pair of sweatpants
-1 sweatshirt
-2 fuzzy socks
-1 cup of tea (refill as needed)
-1 to 6 movies of your choice (depending on how much replenishing is required.  my personal go-tos are father of the bride (the steve martin one), baby boom or any oldie but goodie on turner classic movies)
-1 person to cuddle with (and yes, pets do count!)
-optional: 1 fire in the fireplace, if weather appropriate

oh rain, don't go away quite yet...

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  1. Oh, your recipe for a rainy day is perfect.


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