Thursday, September 2, 2010

time travel made easy

christmas in connecticut (yeah, i wish i were there, too)
i've always said i was born in the wrong time.  ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you i would have fared beautifully as a 1940s twenty-something.  i covet the clothes, the music, the houses, the lifestyle.  when i watch old films (i love b&w hollywood classics), i feel akin to them somehow.  i feel a longing.  a desire to somehow experience what they had back then in some way.

flashback to 1945.  everyone was so effortlessly fabulous.  ever notice that?  grace kelly.  katharine hepburn.  vivien leigh.  there was a formality to things - not in a stuck-up way - but in an appreciative way.  those people knew how to live.  watch any old movie and when a guest enters someone's home, they immediately walk to the host's fully stocked bar cart and treat themselves to a (modest-sized) cocktail.  why don't we do that anymore?  and when people went out to dinner (or even had a meal at home) they got dressed up and truly savored their meals and their conversation.  (yeah, yeah i know i just wrote a post about couch picnicking... i'm just multi-dimensional : )

mr. blandings builds his dream house
mr. blandings, too
so you can imagine my genuine excitement, when i found a site that has images of some of my favorite movie houses from mid-century.  what a treat!  mr. blandings.  christmas in connecticut.  north by northwest.  rebecca.  first off, if you haven't seen these films, you should.  they're true classics and afford you a glimpse into a simpler yet more glamorous time.  but for now, you should definitely check out the movie images and enjoy some time travel made easy.  ahh, the good old days...

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  1. Ahhhh. I sighed, too when I saw the first image of the wonderful home in Christmas in Connecticut. Thanks for sharing the 'Hooked on Houses' site. I've only just briefly looked at it, but I can tell that it will be fun to check it out in detail. You, my sweet girl, need some stylish Barbara Stanwyck clothes and a great farmhouse in Connecticut ... in the winter ... with a fire ... ahhh


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