Thursday, September 23, 2010

on the hunt (for the perfect dress)
so yesterday i began my search for the perfect dress.  correction: wedding dress.  up until now, wedding planning has consisted of internet browsing, visits to and a lot of talking about guest list, vendors and the like.  so, trying on dresses - actual wedding dresses, dresses that i could wear as i walk down the aisle to become a "mrs." - took this wedding planning business to a whole new level.  one that's much more real, immanent (...even though we're not getting hitched until next fall...) and exciting.  it's really happening.  i'm getting married.  i'm going to a bride and then say "i do" and then become somebody's wife.  weird.  wonderful.
so...back to the dresses.  i had to pick up my bridesmaid dress for my friend, cate's, wedding.  i figured, why not take advantage of the situation (invite my mom and sister along) and begin the hunt.  i tried on 10 or so dresses.  and i really liked one.  and there was one runner up.  i'm completely not ready to seal the deal and say "it's the one", but i certainly felt like a bride in the dress that i am (currently) most smitten with.  i definitely need more time, more visits to more bridal shops and more try-ons before i commit.  ironically (with regard to the commitment thing) craig - my husband-to-be - is my first boyfriend.  i felt no need to shop around once i met him : ) 

i've included picts of some of the dresses i tried on, but if you want to see my personal fave (of the moment) you'll have to click here.  that way (if this one becomes the one), craig will still be surprised.
i liked oleg cassini's line at david's bridal the best.  i think most of these images are from his line.  but...i must say...i may hold out for when they get vera wang's line next year : )


  1. Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog today : ) It's great to connect with another Philly area blogger!
    Your blog is just adorable- I love it! I'll definitely be back to read more...
    Have a great day,
    Vanessa from Optimal Optimist

  2. How exciting, Cailen!!! It sounds like you had a great time trying on dresses and I absolutely LOVE your first choice. The dress is beautiful, you are going to make a gorgeous bride. What an exciting time, Happy Planning!

  3. Lovely picks! Enjoy a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Hello! I really love your (maybe) first choice dress! It's beautiful! I found my wedding dress after three hours, so I was extremely lucky! Good luck :D

  5. ahhh Cai I LOVE your "maybe the one" dress!!!!! It's SO you...i'm beyond excited for you. Love and miss you!!!!

  6. Cailen, you Wedding Venue at XIX looks amaaazing!! Just going through your site and pictures is getting me so excited to start the the way "the one" dress looks gorgeous, can't wait to see which one you actually chose! :) by the way, adding you to my blogroll!

  7. your wedding venue is SOO gorgeous!! and that ring. dang girl! talk about bling. cant wait to read more :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  8. Wheee!! Can't wait to see everything come together. Your wedding ring is gorgeous too :) xo


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