Monday, September 27, 2010

girls' night in (can be even better than girls' night out)

pink drinks
this past weekend, craig had friday night plans with his guys, so i had our cottage all to myself.  i invited my sis, han, over for a much needed girls' night.  we enjoyed some cocktails, made a delicious dinner, watched a movie and indulged in countless reality shows : )  needless to say, we had a blast!  (even olive enjoyed the evening.)

we all need some girl time once in a while.  here are my suggestions for making the most of your super girly night : )

recipe for girls' night
prep work: get into your sweats or pjs
1 awesome sister (or best friend....or both)
2 delicious cocktails (if they're pink, even better)
1 yummy homemade pizza : )
1 chick flick (we watched the "back up plan" with jlo.  we agreed it was better than we anticipated!)
3-5 girly reality shows ("say yes to the dress", "four weddings", etc.)
1 batch of gooey brownies

perfection!  enjoy girl time.


  1. Love girls' nights in! And those brownies look delish :)

  2. Girls' night in - what a wonderful idea! I need some of that. Kellie xx

  3. Love girls night!! I think you have the recipe down pat for it :)

  4. I love girls nights in! My roomie and I watch say yes to the dress almost every friday with pizza and wine before we go out :)

  5. Sounds like the perfect night. My 3 sisters and I all live in different cities, but every 2nd Sunday of the month we get together for a girls night in...I'm going to use your recipes for our next one!


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