Monday, October 24, 2011

om monday: still waters run deep

a few days ago i watched a new yoga documentary called yogawoman.  the film highlighted the expansion of women-dominated yoga in the west - especially interesting because yoga originally began as a supremely male practice.

they delved into many aspects of how yoga affects our bodies, self-esteem, thought-processes and helps us cope with fluctuations throughout our lives.  very cool film.

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one particular metaphor lingered with me, and  i want to share it with you.  i feel it beautifully communicates how yoga works on the mind & body.

they compared our physical bodies to an ocean.  for many of us, the ocean is often turbulent, constantly churning the elements below; making it impossible to glimpse into its profound depths.  by working the physical body and concentrating on breath and alignment, yoga begins to calm the surface of the water.  and once the surface is calmed, we are able to behold the immense depths beneath the surface.

that metaphor completely resounded with me, because i have experienced that shift first hand.  by working on my physical body with yoga, i have begun to experience positive changes in my mood, temperament and overall experience of life.  fascinating and wonderful.

namaste : )


  1. sounds very interesting! I'll add it to my to watch list!

  2. what a beautiful comparison!! lovely post. hope you had a great weekend :)

  3. I only did yoga about 4 times, but it is def. relaxing and I'm sure would have lasting effects!!

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