Monday, October 10, 2011

om monday: what we avoid

in yoga, we're often told that the poses that we dislike or avoid are the poses that we need the most.  interesting concept.  so what is it that head-to-knee pose or warrior 1 can offer me?  what secrets can i unlock through them that will ultimately better me and my practice?

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in head-to-knee, my balance is really challenged.  so perhaps, i don't like feeling unsteady and shy away from things that make me feel vulnerable.  in warrior 1, seemingly opposing forces are at work - keeping the back heel down, while squaring the hips parallel to the front edge of your mat.  so maybe in that case, i can learn that opposing movements/events can ultimately work together to achieve something greater.

these are just some musings that i've had with this notion of examining "what we avoid" in mind.  there are many more poses that challenge me and countless moments that occur on a daily basis that i'm sure could benefit from further contemplation about this idea.

so, mavens, i encourage you to think about what you avoid that you think could ultimately serve you.  do you talk yourself of going to the gym regularly?  have you been avoiding confronting a colleague, friend or family member about an issue that needs resolving?  whatever it is, think about it, and perhaps you'll draw the conclusion that some of the things that you're avoiding could make your world better if you embraced them.

namaste : )


  1. Oh wowsers, I've never thought about it like that before ... I think I've shielded myself against yoga because I fear I have no flexibility or endurance, so maybe that reflects on my life. Such a great post, though ... thank you for the thoughts :)

  2. awesome words!! i avoid twists like crazy, but when i hold one for a bit, i feel soooo much better. same is definitely true for life off the mat!


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