Wednesday, November 30, 2011

foodie wednesday: sevilla, bite by bite

craig and i were lucky enough to enjoy a 10 day honeymoon in sevilla, spain and marrakech, morocco following our november 5th wedding.  now that we're back...and have thoroughly enjoyed a loooong thanksgiving break, i wanted to share some images from our amazing honeymoon abroad.

tapas & cheese

the cathedral

antique shop


when in like the sevillans do : )

le torre del oro
sevilla is a fabulously walkable city - we didn't use public transportation once!  we were able to see all the sites on foot and enjoyed every minute of the high-60 degree weather - sitting at sidewalk cafés sipping sangria. 

chocolate con churros (the richest, thickest hot chocolate ever!)

inside the cathedral

pitcher of you-guessed-it

plaza de san francisco

walk by the river

goat cheese salad - yum!

the cathedral at night

me walking inside the cathedral

our favorite shop

champagne cocktails on our hotel's rooftop terrance

our favorite course from our 8 course dinner at az zait restaurant - fluffy goat cheese wrapped in crispy puff pastry in a caramelized onion reduction
another view of plaza de san francisco

inside museum
our hotel in sevilla - hotel casa 1800

i have to credit my husband (feels so weird, but so great to say that) with the honeymoon.  while i focused on wedding planning, he took the helm and planned the entire honeymoon - hotels, restaurants, excursions and all.  he did such a fabulous job, i may have to let him plan all our trips...

stay tuned for honeymoon part 2 - marrakech!


  1. What a superb way to start a marriage.

  2. You went to Sevilla?! That's where I want to go next year! Looking at these photos, I feel a renewed excitement for my impending trip.

    Did you find it difficult to converse with the locals? I hear that not many people in Sevilla speak English.

  3. ah! so glad you had a wonderful honeymoon! i miss spain SO much and i really want to visit Sevilla next time. i cant wait to see morocco! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. love these photos! I love Spain but have never been to Seville-it's on my to do list!

  5. your pictures look amazing! i can't wait to experience spain.

  6. How wonderful! I loved Sevilla when I stopped by there during a study abroad years ago. Those churros, YUM!! Congrats again!

  7. the food looks amazing! I'm going to Seville in January but I'll only be there for 2 days! You have to tell me all about it and where we HAVE to go!

  8. What stunning photographs and scenery. I especially love the photo of Le Torre del Oro and of you in the cathedral. We also went to Spain for our honeymoon.

  9. Wow, I would say your hubby did a great job on the honeymoon! Congratulations by the way. :)


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