Friday, November 18, 2011

your signature piece {guest post}

Hello Mavens! 

I was so excited when Cailen asked me to guest post on her fabulous blog while she's off having a beautiful wedding and honeymoon.
My name is Jenna, and I am a relatively newbie blogger over at Leggings Love.
i <3 leggings.  credit {here}

As is indicative in the title of my blog, I have an unapologetic fetish with leggings. 

I wear a pair of leggings every single day. Seriously. Every single day. I only buy black Mossimo leggings from Target. They are the perfect amount of thickness, last ages, and only cost $8 (!!!).

Essentially, Target leggings are amazing.
But anyway.
"You wear the same thing every day," my sweet mother loves to say, "and people probably talk about you. You aren't a cartoon character. You've got to change up your outfits now and then!"
leggings galore!  credit {here}
While I appreciate my mom's concern, I cannot say that I'm too worried about being mistaken for a cartoon character. 
I love the idea of having a signature piece. I think it would be quite cool if every person had one piece in his or her wardrobe that so perfectly defined or expressed him or her.

Leggings make me feel posh and put-together while still being comfortable.

They've become

So what about everyone else? Do you have a signature piece?


  1. I love leggings too! Obviously comfort is the best & I think it's such an easy & cheap outfit option! :) nice guest post! I'll have to check out your blog!! :)


  2. that's awesome! i think my boots have become part of me this season :)

  3. I love leggings, but I have found the ones I got from Target to be too thin and almost see-through when I put them on. Maybe I am not buying the Mossimo brand, though.

  4. I gotta have my leggings black and brown. Although I purchased mine from Old Navy. Such a great combo with boots...

    Stopping by from SITS
    -Leaza in Denver

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