Friday, November 25, 2011

happy hour: what to drink with thanksgiving leftovers

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  i love how cozy my parents' house feels with fires in both fireplaces, the smell of turkey and other thanksgiving goodies wafting from the kitchen and family and friends all around.

and, if your family is anything like mine, we are sure to make plenty of extra so that we can enjoy thanksgiving leftovers all weekend long.

below you'll find my wine suggestions to pair with your bird & stuffing today...or tomorrow : )

whether you like red or white, you're in luck - both go great with thanksgiving food.  if you generally lean toward reds, try rex goliath free range red.  this friendly, approachable red isn't too heavy and drinks nicely with a hearty meal.  (bonus: this wine's a steal - only $7 per bottle!)

if you prefer white, try ménage à  trois white.  as you may have guessed, it's a blend of 3 grapes (hence "trois").  it's crisp without being sharp and has a full-bodied flavor, which again, works well with your thanksgiving spread.  (you'll find it for $12 per bottle.)

and remember the 20 minute rule for serving wines.  keep whites in the fridge and remove 20 minutes prior to drinking to let the temperature settle a bit.  for reds, keep them room temp and put in the fridge for 20 min prior to serving to drop the temperature ever so slightly.  simple and effective.

cheers!  here's to enjoying your leftovers every bit as much as you did the meal.

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