Friday, November 11, 2011

happy hour: snack time {guest post}

hi there, lovely readers of lifestyle maven! my name is erica and i blog about my life and adventures in washington, dc - all with 'boyfriend' - over at pocket full of chuckles. i've been following cailen's blog for quite some time. she was one of the first people i found on the blogosphere and i was instantly smitten (i mean, who wouldn't be!). so when she asked me to guest post while she's off marrying her best friend (!!!) i squealed with excitement. and then when she asked me to write about a fun recipe, i did my happy dance. because boyfriend and i love to cook. and our favorite thing to make is guacamole. it's always our go-to dish for parties and it was such a hit at this year's halloween party!

you will need the following:
(note: this recipe feeds a large group of people, so feel free to cut ingredients in half) 
dry cilantro (1 tbsp)
orange juice (a splash)
lime juice (2 limes)
red onion (1)
ripe avocados (8)
jalapenos (4)
roma tomatoes (4)
garlic cloves (6)
salt & pepper
1. slice avocados in half and remove pits. score with knife and squeeze in large mixing bowl.

2. chop onion and add to bowl.

3. finely chop jalapenos and garlic cloves. toss in bowl.

4. dice tomatoes. and you guessed it. toss in bowl.
don't mix just yet...

5. slice limes in half and squeeze juice in bowl.

6. add a splash of orange juice.

7. add your cilantro, salt and pepper.

8. now you can stir :)

so it looks like this!
or this..

enjoy :)

xo erica

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