Friday, October 22, 2010

warning: this will make you cry (with laughter : )

i <3 marcel the shell

found this adorable/funny/laugh-out-loud video on simply sam's blog.  (thanks!)  it literally made me cry with laughter (don't tell me i didn't warn you), so naturally i had to share it with you all.  give me the next 3 minutes, and i'll fill your laugh quota for the day : )

ps. tgif!
pps. music automatically plays on my blog, so you'll have to scroll to the bottom to "pause" it before you enjoy the mini-flick.


  1. Marcel the shell has been quoted prolifically at my house as of late - but I have teenagers! She's a funny and clever shell :)

  2. hahaha...that is sooooo funny:) thanks,sweetie
    Hope you had a great weekend


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