Tuesday, September 6, 2011

how to fall for fall

i've been loving the cooler weather that's greeted me a few mornings this past week.  with a subtle chill in the air, i'm totally feeling fall.  fall is my favorite season - made all the sweeter this year by our upcoming wedding in just TWO months!

so, with fall weather on the brain, here's a little "recipe" i cooked up to get you falling for fall, too.

drink this - something warm.  i personally love spicy, fallish brews like orange spice or chai tea.  add a teaspoon of sugar and a touch of cream (if you're doing chai).  remember: citrus-based teas can curdle milk - it doesn't taste bad but looks kinda gross.

eat this - apples.  no other fruit says fall quite like a crisp apple.  i can't wait until the orchards open for apple-picking.  craig and i got a little over-zealous a few falls ago and were eating apple-everything for weeks!

do this - go for a walk.  one of my favorite things to do when the weather gets a bit cooler is to pull on a comfy sweater and go for a walk with craig and olive.  (with the risk of sounding like a creeper, i especially like going for walks in the early evening when it's getting dark, because you can peek into the lovely glow that emanates from the houses.)

me sporting my t-shirt necklace
wear this - scarves.  i'm a sucker for a good scarf, pashmina or t-shirt necklace (learn how to make your very own t-shirt necklace in just 15 minutes {here}).  i <3 anything that makes me feel warm and cozy.  plus, they are a super simple way to jazz up your outfit - and considering my go-to is often yoga pants, a fun accessory can be the perfect thing to complete it!

well, mavens...whether you adore fall or are dreading the end of warm weather, i hope this little list has you (at least a little bit) excited and looking forward to fallish fun!


  1. I cant wait to live vicariously through your fun Fall adventures....no fall here! I'm not complaining here....
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. scarves are my favourite thing about autumn. i love everything besides the rain we've had today which meant i had to walk in it and i have limited internet connection! BUT, i get to light a fire for the first time this autumn tonight :)

  3. I Love this pos :) I am a sucker for fall, when the season starts to come around I love breaking out the warmer bundled up clothes, my scarves, knitted hats, uggs....and my favorite thing to do drink is Caramel Apple Spice :) yumm!!
    Have a Wonderful September..
    -Ashlee Michelle

  4. love everything on this list! Fall is my favorite season.

  5. Love this post and fall in general! So glad its finally here!

  6. Fall is also my favorite season. I have way too many scarves - 35 to be exact, eek!! I just can't get enough of them :)

  7. A chai latte sounds perfect right about now! Love the fall! You should totally link up on Thursday to my Fall 5 Linky party...would love to have you! :)

  8. Fall is my favorite season as well!

    I'm a SITS girl who came over to help celebrate your SITS day. Your blog is the best! I love the way that you put items together around a common theme.

    Can't wait to read more!

  9. mmmmm Chai tea is my favorite! Im usually a coffee gal in the morning but I may just have to dig out my tea today! thanks for the reminder! :)

  10. i LOVE fall too! I'm a Florida girl, and just moved to North Carolina, and man, am I excited!! I've had apple muffins on my mind for days...I'm def making some, and although it's still warm and not quite 'scarf' weather here yet, I'm thinking I may try to make a scarf like yours! Like it a lot! Enjoy your SITS day!


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